Tuscany Tour

Destination: Tuscany

Trip category: Tours

holiday period: May - July 2015

Duration: 4 Days e 3 Nights

Day 1: arrival in Tuscany at a hotel between Pienza and Montalcino. Visit to the village where the hotel is located. In Pienza, for example, visit to the roof garden in Palazzo Piccolomini. The architectural concept of Palazzo Piccolomini is the relationship with nature and landscape. The view on Valdorcia and mount Amiata that you can enjoy from its back porch is breathtaking. On the ground floor there is a square Italian garden surrounded by walls and a well in the middle.

Dinner not included in the package.

Day 2: walk and visit to Quercia delle Checche (Checche’s oak)  with explanation of its history and myths. Lunch in a typical restaurant. In the afternoon visit to San Gimignano and its hidden trees. San Gimignano is a famous medieval village with beautiful towers in the province of Siena, in the middle of Tuscan countryside.

Day 3: visit to a winery in Montalcino. Walk in the farm to discover big trees, their beauty and features as well as their function.

Day 4: on the way back to Malpensa airport / Milan visit to the gigantic redwoods and the 200-year-old  cedar of Lebanon  in the Park of Palazzo Ducale in Pavullo nel Frignano,  Emilia Romagna.  This English garden dates back to the first half of the XIX century. It boasts several local  tree and shrub species, exotic plants and all kinds of typical plant associations to be found in the area of Pavullo: oak wood, conifer wood, deciduous trees (mainly maples, ash trees and Turkey oaks),  hedge and wall plants. Related activities: arboricultural guide, tree-climbing on one or several trees, wine tasting at the winery Case Basse and visit to its garden in Montalcino, visit to the Truffle Museum in San Giovanni d’Asso, visit to Villa Geggiano and its park and cellar including tasting in Castelnuovo Berardenga.