Monumental Trees between Verona and Venice

Destination: Verona and Venice

Trip category: Tours

holiday period: May - August 2015

Day 1: arrival in Venice, check in and free time to visit the city.

Day 2: guided visit to Biennale and walk to discover the amazing trees located in the Park and Napoleonic Gardens. These were commissioned by Napoleon at the beginning of the XIX century after a low-class  area of the city was destroyed. Since the first edition in 1895 the Gardens have been the site of Venice Arts Expo. In the course of the XX century several pavilions were added to host exhibitions dedicated to each participating country. Today there are 30 pavilions designed by famous architects. Lunch and dinner not included in the package.

Day 3: Transfer to Verona, check in. Afternoon walk to discover secret gardens and big trees, including a monumental sycamore tree right in the city center.

Day 4: Return trip. Visit to the garden of Villa Rizzardi in Pojega de Negrar on the way back. This villa was bought by the counts Rizzardi, rich landowners, in 1649 and it was restructured in 1850. Its style is a blend of baroque and late venetian Renaissance features. It is famous for the surrounding garden (one of the last  Italian gardens), its spectacular perspectives, the widest Italian outdoor theater (Teatro di Verzura), a long hornbeam alley (Carpinum betulus), a citrus garden with two lemon houses, a beautiful nymphaeum, a secret garden, monumental trees and a big variety of interesting botanical species.

Related activities: tree-climbing, visit to the Botanical Garden in Padova where are located the famous “Goethe’s palm”, an amazing 18-meters-tall Chamaerops humilis and the new greenhouses to preserve biodiversity. It was founded in 1545 and it is the most ancient university botanical garden that still resides in its place of origin. In 1547 almost 2000 medicinal species were introduced and soon the garden became a model in Europe. Thanks to its activity some exotic species were brought to Italy, among which potatoes, sesame, lilac, some magnolias.

Visit to vineyards and winery of the farm Guerrieri Rizzardi in Bardolino for wine and olive oil tasting.